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The Policaro Group raises over $140,000 at inaugural Policaro Foundation track day event

The Policaro Group is thrilled to announce that the Policaro Foundation has raised over $140,000 in their first annual track day event.

"This has been a fantastic day," said Francesco Policaro, CEO of the Policaro Group. “The support we have received from our manufacturing partners, business partners, friends and family has been overwhelming.”

The track day included several thrilling activations including open lapping at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, in which participants took their cars out on the track. Those who opted to keep their vehicles in the parking lot, however, experienced the same on-track experience with hot laps provided by Policaro Motorsport race car drivers. The option of dream cars included a Porsche GT3, BMW M4 GT4, Acura NSX, Lexus LC500, Lamborghini Huracan Spider and Honda Civic Type R.

Policaro Harley-Davidson was also on hand with their Jump Start experience, which allows participants to feel the rumble of a Harley beneath them while cycling through the gears as the rear wheel spins on two rollers.

Of all the activities offered throughout the day, however, the hot lap sessions in the Porsche GT3 Cup Car driven by Porsche Factory Driver Michael Christensen—who will be racing at Le Mans in a few weeks—proved to be the top attraction. The iconic Porsche race car was specially modified for the event, adding a passenger seat to the usually single-seat configuration.

The Policaro Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to building a brighter and healthier community. For more information, visit PolicaroFoundation.ca.


The Policaro Fetal Cardiac Fellowship will meet a critical need for the Labatt Family Heart Centre at SickKids by building capacity for Canada’s primary fetal cardiac diagnosis and treatment centre. Trainees who gain experience at SickKids through the fellowship will go on to work in paediatric heart centres worldwide, providing better care and disease management for children across the globe.

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The Policaro Group employs over 530 trained, motivated and inspired employees and is a world-class automotive retail group known for strong performance and industry-leading customer satisfaction. With seven franchises representing seven automotive brands—Acura, BMW, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Lexus, Porsche, and Toyota—the group has been building and operating successful automotive dealerships around a single-minded dedication to customer service and the enduring belief in the value of strong relationships with customers, community and manufacturing partners.