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The Policaro Group is a world-class automotive retail group based in Brampton, Ontario that is known for excellence in customer satisfaction. The group is currently the steward of eight franchises representing seven brands – Acura, BMW, Harley-Davidson, Lexus, Porsche, Honda, and Toyota

The Policaro Group has built and operates successful automobile dealerships around the single-minded dedication to customer service and the enduring belief in the value of strong relationships with customers, community and manufacturing partners.

The history dates back to 1966 with the Policaro family migrated from Santo Onofrio, Italy to the emerging Italian section of Toronto. Basil Policaro, the 2nd eldest son, was the first to be introduced to the automotive business where he found a natural home at Ready Motors, later moving onto Fiat. Joining him were brother’s Tony and Paul who decided to follow their elder brother into the industry.

The first chapter in business ownership came in 1979 when the brothers would officially form a partnership that would grow to represent six brands in six locations in Brampton and Oakville with the next generation of family now beginning to take the helm.

The current facilities are home to over 548 highly trained, motivated and inspired employees on over 30 acres of land. Our vision is that each employee shares a commitment to the philosophy that has made our business a success. Together, we create an environment where our relentless commitment to customer satisfaction excellence has enabled us to become a dynamic, growing dealer group in the Greater Toronto Area.